About My Journey

A big warm welcome to everyone!  Be ready to be amazed.  Whether you are a newbie to ketosis or a seasoned keto’R,  I want you to experience with Narda_faceeach exhilarating milestone the joyous and sometimes shocking truth as you learn about your body,  how it can be programmed to burn fat continuously, and, even heal itself.  A low carbohydrate (carb) high fat diet is the wave of the future.  The evidence and studies have overwhelmingly proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Sorry guys but you Mr. Sugar and Miss Starches,  and yes you too Grain Boy. King Vegetable Oil and Lady Margarine … its lights out,  so say goodbye … cause kids THE GIG IS UP!

Personally I approached the ketogenic diet with huge apprehension.  Eating fat to lose fat?  That’s a crazy idea!  Doesn’t eating fat make you fat … you know … you are what you eat?  Slathering on butter to ensure I get ENOUGH FAT in a day?  You’re kidding, right?  I secretly always wanted the piece of meat with the most fat because I loved the flavour.  I’d feel ashamed.  Now I grab it openly saying,  “I need this piece because I’m in ketosis.”  If you are vegetarian or vegan you can absolutely get all the fat and any protein you need (plant based) for this diet.  Its acceptance just keeps growing.  Not so long ago it was the fifth most searched diet online.  Now it is the second.

horse-workoutWeight loss and dieting was never really an obsession for me.  I figured as long as I worked out like a horse, I could eat like one as well (no offence to horses).  It was getting more painful to do high impact workouts such as aerobics and running.  Going to the gym itself gave me no real pleasure but the energy I got from it was awesome.  I would think of the trade off while working out and bargain with myself about how much I actually HAD to work out to make up for what I ate that day.  The exercise equipment made me feel intimidated and I always felt I looked a little awkward using some of it.  Looking around I would generally observe someone whose body I knew I would never have; so depressing … and those mirrors!  I know they are there so you can ensure your FORM is correct, however, unless you are looking real fine in your own mind who wants to see themselves in 3D?

I would never become a gym rat and that was fine.  One in the family is enough.  Once I was closer to 50 than 40 a bit of a subtle spread began to sneak into on my lower body… and then … SURPRI – ISE! …

Two weeks before my 51st birthday, I was dealt an early present … a nasty wave of heat flooded over me like I was forced into an oven fully preheatedhot-flashes for dinner and could not escape for a full minute.  I was never one to complain about anything the female body had to endure and brushed it off when other women seemed to whine.  This was different.  Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing regarding a small handful of momentous events in their life.  Normally this would not rate for most people but it sure did for me.  I understand some women breeze through menopause so I suppose this was to make up for the ease I had  enjoyed with all of my feminine issues in the past.  My primary goal right then and there was to stop those flashes, and, strangely enough, I stumbled upon the ketogenic diet.  I read somewhere that your stress level going into menopause can be a factor as to how rough a ride you will have once you are in it.  This information in advance would have helped greatly me because I was definitely at my peak stress wise as the sun set on the sunny side of 50.

Meticulously researching anything that might give me relief was not a choice.  This was affecting my concentration at work and my quality of life all concentration-at-wokaround.  Being in management in the food industry for many years meant a lot of taste testing and research.  You would think I would have discovered keto earlier.  Even more so than the food industry, I am sure this is absolutely my calling.  I really enjoy learning and just kept going to back school out of interest while working.  I have a formal education in quality engineering, computer programming, business management and financial planning.  During the last exam I wrote, it was a credit course in retirement planning at the University of Toronto, I noticed I was oldest in attendance.  Although I did pass it the word retirement seemed appropriate for me to start seriously thinking about.  I can not carry 3 cases of beer from the truck to the fridge anymore.  I certainly do not want to push my luck at passing any more exams.  It was getting harder to concentrate and absorb anything I studied.  Even my eyes which were still 20/20 at 40 were starting to fail.  I am a bit of a math head and tackled the financial planning a few years.  Contract work in factories for Q.E. was sporatic so I would keep on going back to the food business.  Forget the computer programming.  In October of 1984 I was fresh out of school, married with a one month old and offered a job at the local college.  Yes, I was a DOS chick and a nursing mom.  I accepted the job on a Friday, spent the weekend fretting about leaving little Jake to work full time so I went in Monday and turned it down.  That was the end of that.  Coding still fascinates me to this day, however, on the flip side I struggled just to insert the images on this website.  Isn’t that bizarre?


To date I have done a heck of a lot of cooking and could be quite content to live in a kitchen.  This cannot be said of my 20s and early 30s and those close to me at the time can attest to that!  I have spent my later years in the development of menus for events such as weddings and conferences and now have fine tuned recipes that are real easy and delicious that will keep one in ketosis as long as they like.  Having my own catering company gives me the freedom of offering keto friendly dishes.








                                                                            On a Personal Note

Yes, that was quite a chat I just had with you and I appreciate that you are still here with me reading.  Please bare with me for the next part and then we will get down to business.

There was a great deal I learned without studying while growing up about foods and their nutrients.  The adult I spent an enormous amount of timepacman-nurse with was my grandma.  She was a nursing supervisor in Rochester, New York during the depression.  Being very bright, four doctors approached her offering to pool their resources to put her through medical school but she declined feeling she could not handle it at the time.  Back home in Ontario she was putting 2 younger brothers through university with her nursing wages.  The exchange rate was good at the time.  I wonder if she ever regretted her decision?  She specialized in diet and nutrition and was always way ahead of her time.  Despite what she had been told she always believed sugar was the culprit in our lives.  I did not really pick up on the term low carb until her passing but I know she would have absolutely loved the ketogenic diet.

She just missed making her 90th birthday so I’m hoping to have inherited her genes.  Her mind was sharp and once retired she tutored out of date nurses back to being current so they could resume work.  She was an overwhelming inspiration in my life and I still miss her terribly.  She was so funny.  I think her love of fats may have helped keep her brain so healthy, however, we will never know.  Suddenly falling ill just in her last few weeks with us, she somehow hung on until my daughter was born and she could see a picture of her.  My mother had taken a Polaroid as soon as Connor was born and drove the roughly one hour to her bedside to show it to her.  She said, “She is cute” and smiled.  I got out of hospital in about 40 hours but was just too tired that evening to go and see grandma.  I called and told her we would come in the morning.  At that point, knowing all was well, the overnight caregiver who was with grandma said she hopped out of bed around 5am. like a 20 year old, without her walker, used the bathroom, got back into bed … and left us.  

new-born-babyMy daughter’s first event was her great grandma’s funeral which was a beautiful celebration of life.   The last hospital Grandma worked in was here in Ontario just north of Toronto.  It is where my children were all born.  The delivery room team gave Connor a 10 on her one minute APGAR test.  In case you were not aware it stands for Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration: appropriately named after Dr. Virginia Apgar – check it out.

 Grandma was happy and proud to hear of this.  My boys before her got 9 and 3.  Have no fear, the 3 (Jared) was a 7 by the 5th day. He is now entering his ninth year of university.  He got his great grandma’s brains!  Jacob (the gym rat – he likes that name) and Jared are now 30 and 25 respectively.   Connor is 22 and entering her sixth of post secondary studies.  I am sure you know a 20 odd year old still living in the bubble.  My oldest graduated high school and could not wait to never see a classroom again.  With diploma in hand, he ran to the nearest factory where he remained until it finally closed its doors. Our town is typical: more plants closing than opening in the past 25 years.  He entered into a diesel mechanic coop program at the local college and currently works in a home for problem teenage boys which I am so proud of.  Being fit has saved his skin on a few occasions in that job.    

Thank you for reading my story.  I know I really wandered off topic here but I just felt compelled to share it for some reason.  I would love to hear your stories, read your blogs, etc.  When I am looking for inciteful and unbiased information about something; perhaps there is a particular product I want to find a review or feedback on, I am going to go to a site I am already comfortable with.  I absolutely need to feel confident that there is a caring person genuinely working hard to get me proper and up to date feedback on my query.  I NEED to feel a connection before I will start to support that particular site.  I find my friends and family take my solicited advice to heart so I feel one should act responsibly when giving it especially where their health is concerned.  Never do something you do not feel right about.  Nothing in this life is guaranteed so always err on the side of caution.




Did that celebrity that swears by the latest herb in a capsule keep the weight off ONE ,TWO OR THREE YEARS LATER?  How old are they?  Is that all they did to take off the weight? Did you buy that glossy magazine at the checkout line because of a weight loss or exercise claim on the front page that is, ‘ Finally, the TRUE real deal?’




Of course you aren’t told which Christmas or which summer.  Hey, don’t feel bad, we all have fallen for it.  Many of us are absolutely desperate to lose weight and it is a seriously painful subject for us.   I am so tired of hearing some 18 year old say, “I don’t know what your problem is.  It isn’t any harder to lose weight when you are older.  You are just being lazy.”  Hormonal imbalances alone can block weight loss but try explaining that to a teenager.  You have to figure out several things about your own body as to why the weight just won’t move.  I began to build this website in a way that I would find useful for myself if I were looking for answers.   I just ask that we are each respectful of others feelings and opinions when looking for or sharing information.  Make sure you check with a healthcare professional before taking advice anywhere online.

Also to think about when visiting a website: Are those wonderful testimonials genuine?  Every other one seems to say, “I was skeptical at first but once I tried blah, blah, blah.  We all love the idea of simply popping something, sprinkling or mixing some concoction together to help “melt the fat away.  Their are those who absolutely have had success, and yet, we must ask lots of questions about that success.  Did you have to work out, were there any changes in your life at the time, I could gone on all day here.   Buy these products if you wish, just educate yourself first.  If the claims are true, why are people still overweight?  Use your common sense.    I have a Q & A page for your questions.  For example you may ask why the Ketogenic diet is lumped together with Paleo so much?  Most of you have likely already reviewed Paleo if you are here (never assume anything, of course).

No Need To Read This Part If You Have Lots Of Time And Money To Burn

Losing your hard earned money when products don’t work sucks BIG time.  It saps the hope right out of you and I think it is cruel what some companies do.  At least if you had spent it at the casino you would have had fun losing it.  I hear so much about people whos credit cards are debited for some monthly health magazine they didn’t order when they buy a product online, or they can’t get a refund, or they get enormous amounts of money deducted for product that keeps coming that you cannot stop, or they wear you down with high pressure upsells when they get you on the phone yadda, yadda, yadda.  Read the fine print. PLEASE!! I know it is hard to read but do it anyway.  It will shock you in a lot of cases.   There is usually a picture of some beautiful ‘helpful and professional order taker’  ready to aid you when you call.  The minute they answer the phone you can just tell this is not the person you envisioned.  Okay now before you beautiful order takers swarm in with complaints, I meant the EXACT person…SHEEESH!  Just to make a point I tried to order a related product recently and every time I would ask a question, they would ignore it completely and just ask me the next question on their script, usually a push on an upsell, like they were a robot.  Being a smart alec,  I would poke fun at this and that would really throw them off.   Finally I would say, “Look, I just want the deal on the website…” but they had to go through the whole spiel as though someone were standing over them with a whip.  Of course I would ask them that, too.  No laugh…just dead air.  I know, this poor person is just trying to eek out a living taking orders and gets minimum wage only if he does not upsell me.

Half of the Brady Bunch 

If you don’t know what means ask your parents

All of my kidlets are very much into nutrition and stay extremely active.  They are close despite not agreeing on many things and fortunately they all can cook.  Each is definitely a skeptic in their own right – to the point of being so exhausting at times that I have walk away – but they each believe in keto.

 I feel so good virtually all of the time now and thought I would never feel any type of euphoria again.  Even not losing a pound would have been fine (I have lost almost 40 despite it not being my primary focus) and I currently sleep like a teenager.  The best part is that there is barely a hot flash to be found.   I strive to keep this site a living perpetual work in progress with up to date information about the ketogenic diet.

kids                                                                          My 3 in 1997, 2014 and 2015                    

  I feel so good virtually all of the time now and thought I would never feel any type of euphoria again.  Even not losing a pound would have been fine (I have lost almost 40 despite it not being my primary focus) and I currently sleep like a teenager.  The best part is that there is barely a hot flash to be found.   I strive to keep this site a living perpetual work in progress with up to date information about the ketogenic diet.


… And Finally …

What is ketosis?   Is it safe?  How easily can I get started?  For the answer to these questions and more check out the Q & A page.  Feel free to comment as that is one of the wonderful ways that ketowithoutborders.com evolves.  Relax and have a tour around the site.  Your opinion matters to me.

If you crave a loaded pizza with cheese, bread, barbequed ribs and steak, butter, cake, burgers, buffalo wings, an array of both sweet and savoury sauces, i.e. caramel, hollandaise, gravy, cheese, chocolate, etc., chip dip, a wonderful variation on chips, mashed potatoes, rice, milk and chocolate milk and the list goes on, you can satisfy virtually all hunger and cravings.  The hunger will stop pretty much immediately and the cravings will follow when you reach the state of ketosis!.  No working out like a fiend any more because you are always in fat burning mode.  This needs to be shouted from the rooftops; “You will never fail again to lose weight and keep it off!”  Eat when you are hungry.  Fast when you are not.  No more regimented 5 to 6 little meals each day if do not feel like it.  Hate breakfast?  That is okay.  You get to control your eating, not the other way around.  Okay, in the end calories do count and I would never advise someone not to eat breakfast, just not to panic if you do.  Periodic short term fasting except for water can sometimes break a plateau.

The empowered patient is the wave of the future.  Keep asking those questions.  You should never have to pay to get an answer to a health question no matter what the quality.

Please feel free to ask me anything as I want to help you to lose weight, feel great and get healthy with easy changes that will last a life time.  Best of luck to you.  Stay in touch and thank you for visiting!

Narda =)

ketowithoutborders.com creator & founder

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