Giving Encouragement To Epilepsy Sufferers

When you give a little extra of yourself, you will find it flowing back in spades, maybe not right away, but it will happen.  You will find me doing my little rants on being kind to and not judging others plus helping one another on our healthy weight loss journey.  Please remember:  This is my opinion and it is my  honest view of how it has worked for me and so many others, the numbers  constantly compounding.

I would like to touch on one of the many conditions the ketogenic diet has evolved to suppress.  If you really need to have a celebrity named who whole-heartedly  supports the woman-epilepsysuccess of the ketogenic diet, look no further than the accomplished and respected Meryl Streep.  One could spend eons talking about her incredible journey and I hope to in a related upcoming post.   There are several heart warming Youtube videos that she is featured in starting back in 1994 referring to childhood epilepsy.

Johns Hopkins Medical Center has used the ketogenic diet to successfully treat epilepsy since the 1920’s in both children and adults.  More diseases such as cancer and diabetes are being treated all of the time.  A full list of ailments it is currently being used to remedy is listed  on the Q & A page listed above.

Losing weight and/or getting healthier is actually analgous to making an income online.  If you are new to either, you first will need to make an effort to understand a few of the inner and outer workings.  Once you do, and it won’t take long, the rewards are nothing short of incredible.  You just have to take that first step.  Suddenly the lights start going on and with each small victory you are driven harder to do more.  You just want to!

My passion and personal victory with the ketogenic diet drives me to help others by keeping this website a constantly evolving forum with up to date information that makes the journey through ketosis as fun and enjoyable as possible.  An enjoyable diet?  Absolutely.

 You are never alone.  Please keep in touch!


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