How to get into Ketosis

You will need to eat a high fat low carb diet.  Simple.  This is not a high protein diet.  You will be keeping your protein consumption pretty modest as too much is not only hard on your kidneys, excess protein converts to glucose which in turn will raise your blood sugar.  Spikes in blood sugar can increase your risk for diabetes.  Ketogenic diets, in my opinion, have the best advantages as far as for what I need.

upsetIs the Ketogenic Diet not just Another Fad ?

This diet was its incubation stage circa 1911 and was named in the 1920’s. It is here to stay.  Low fat has been around less than 40 years and I’d be shocked if it isn’t debunkedpeople completely in a few years.  All fad diets fade.  Too many companies make money from the low fat game so it will be tough to dismantle.  The ketogenic diet was not mainstream and for decades was used for specific health conditions.

There is a slow carb diet which I have actually tried.  You get a cheat day each week, however, I was still eating carbs.  I did lose weight the first week and that was exciting, but, that was it.  Plateauing for the following 3 weeks discouraged me.  I guess I just lost water.  I like the food choices much better with keto although for a diet, the slow carb was not bad if you are a bean and lentil fan.  I have to say I do enjoy the books put out by the author.  He does mention ketosis briefly even in his book so I investigated it from here.  I am an eternally curious sketpic.  Everything has to be totally ripped apart and analyzed.

It really boils down to what you can live with long term especially taste wise.  I did not want to give up any of my favourite foods, did not want to be a gym rat and truly love the ‘feeling fantastic’ part both mentally and physically.  No compriomse for me; I had decided to be 100% selfish with this and have it all my way, otherwise, I could not have made weightsthe commitment to this as a lifestyle.

Deep down I like to think we each know what is best for us.  Virtually everyone who will read this has the intellect to know at least what is good for them.    Nothing can top the fact that eating well and getting regular exercise is always the best route at the end of the day.  I love the joke where the overweight man says, “I tried absolutely everything to lose weight, I mean EVERYTHING, well, almost everything.  I have not attempted the fad where you eat properly and exercise.”

Sorry folks but there is no pill or anything you can sprinkle on your food that is going to make you thin.  If you are sure that it worked for someone, rest assured, something else was definitely going on behind the scenes, and your buddy just  happened to be taking  some pill, etc.  on or about the same period of time.  That person may not even be conscious of this issue that was happening at the time, at least not the effects on his weight.  A person can have any number of conditions that could cause weight loss.   The stress and anxiety of job change or loss, moving, a break-up, an accident or death in the family can cause weight loss due to a lack of appetite.late-riser

If there was just one product out there that could cause significant weight loss all on its own, hundreds of thousands of businesses directly or indirectly related to weight loss would go under… and, they pay taxes… ssoooo… The weight loss industry sees people tossing away billions each year.  A few are helped, you know, nothing is totally wrong as even a broken clock is right twice day.  As you pay for that magic product that had you convinced to part with your money,  you had doubts, didn’t you?  Your heart and even your head said yes but your gut was saying, “Do not do it dude or dudette…you know better.”  The greatest motivator that the human psyche possesses , more so than love or hate or dietboardfear, is, you got it folks …  it is HOPE … and that is what advertisers are selling you.  Pause before you pay.

A low carb diet plan is easy to get the hang of and when done properly the hunger and cravings disappear.  Never did I dream the late night sweet cravings would stop.  Even if I am up late, I am good.  I can always pop a fat bomb (f-bomb) or two.  They are like a really filling chocolate bar in some cases or are just like Werthers candy.  They can easily be made into several forms to satisfy a favourite sweet or savoury, etc. flavoured snack.   Fat is the most satisfying macronutrient.  It fills you the quickest and  lets you know you are full before carbs will or even protein.  F-Bombs are a lifesaver as they are virtually all fat therefore you keep your ratios in check, not to mention your are sated quickly with something yummy and just sweet enough.  You do not feel lousy afterwards like you would after a carb loaded snack…and…you did not cheat!    I am finally in dreamland now at a decent hour because of ketosis so I generally sleep right through what I call the witching hour – being the craving hour.

takeaway-high-carbNorth Americanized Chinese food is a perfect example of something you can fill up on since carbs do not let you know you are sated until you are almost bloated.  This chow down that just made you feel full and even sleepy will in no time cause you to think you need more food again i.e. carb up again!

If you have read through this site you will know of the slew of uncanny health benefits a high fat low carb diet will provide when done properly.  The loss of viseral fat which this diet attacks, that nasty fat which dangerously creeps into and grows in your abdominal cavity is a huge bonus.  It is quite simply a remarkable diet that is not really a big moneydiet-viseral-fat maker for many people.  There are books about keto and recipes but I generally find anything a person produces to promote this diet normally does it because it has helped them or someone close to them so it is at least initially created ‘from the heart’.

  Simply changing to a high fat low carb diet could possibly be all you ever need to stay healthy!

As you may know about me already, I was looking to find a way to stop hot flashes, not initially to lose weight during menopause. I hope to discover how hard it is to lose weight after menopause in the very near future!  That can not come soon enough, however, I am in no rush to age and at least menopause is much more tolerable now.  I forget I am in it at all some days.  This beautiful high fat diet sure takes the edge off.  I understand that with each 10 to 12 pounds you get off, you will notice a drop in the amount of hot flashes.  So maybe it was the weight loss or maybe it was cutting the carbs virtually eliminating the flashing. That was something I read after losing weight so I did not get the opportunity to gage that detail for myself.  Darn.  I love tracking things, too.executive

For details about how to get into ketosis just go to the Fat Burning Mode Fast Track page.

Please send me your stories and if you need help, email me at  It is great to have an entire ketosis community out there for support.  GO KETO!  If you are interested in talking about anything you are passionate about or wish to learn how I built this site knowing little about computers, just follow this link.

Talk soon!  Narda :-0 creator & founder


  1. Shane

    Great article, I enjoyed the read. It reminded me when I was on a low carb diet. The first 2 weeks no carbs to obtain ketosis, after that the wait started dropping off. I lost 46 pounds. Thank you for the read!

    • It is fantastic to hear of each journey as each is a little different. I really like to hear about the moment one realizes they entered ketosis, the anticipation leading up to it and what success they had. Two weeks to enter and 46 pounds lost. Terrific, Shane. Check back for a visit from time to time for any updates. Narda

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