I wanted to try making money from my computer … I wanted to try without it costing one cent …Narda_face

I wanted to work from home … I wanted to work from ANYWHERE … I got my wish

My name is Narda and I am a nearly 54 year old Canadian who less than a year ago was going through some kinda rough stuff.  I decided life was not going to defeat me and I was going to change both my health and my wealth situation.

I was miserable at my job, exhausted from the long drive and hours, and, being hired from the outside as the boss over several sour people who wanted my job made some days unbearable.  I had recently been gaining weight and  going through the change of life just made things worse.  Then my son got cancer.  It was removed but more was found elsewhere.  I knew I needed to find something positive in the world.

 Everything online looked scammy, cheesey or unbelievable.  I nearly gave up when I saw and read a blog post about Wealthy Affiliate.  Usually a name like that would be something I would definitely pass by but I always kept the faith that a positive attitude towards life was crucial.

I clicked through to the website and kept expecting for them to ask for a bank or credit card at some point.  This didn’t happen.  I couldn’t get enough of the community, the wonderful training and help.

Read Reviews on all Platforms

The reviews I read on social media, forums and search engines all rated the Wealthy Affliliate (WA) as the number site for every area they deal in.  This includes training, help and feedback for the affiliates, commission levels … they are simply #1.  Independent reviews and testomonials are endless and make one feel better with each item read.  There is no effort required to sell this if you choose that route.  It is self selling; truly the easiest sell of any product or service I’ve ever seen.

  You have likely heard of them by now if you have been doing any research at all.  Do more research if you wish but you will only come back here.

 Getting clients and making sales as a financial consultant especially an inexperienced one is tough.  It is expensive to stay current in your studies, pay for office and advertising space, pay for errors and omission insurance, and the list goes on.  I am so careful as the I doubt the Ontario Securities Commission under which we are governed to practice would like a planner backing something unproven.  I worked too hard to pass those courses.  You could blow your entire reputation and being from a small community would make it even worse.  Everyone knows you, naturally.  I have lived here my entire life and would never put my neck out for any service or product I had not screened completely.

Ready to give this the old college try yet?success


Just imagine having enough money to do whatever you feel like each day.  There are more and more internet millionaires every day.  You have to make an effort of course.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.  You have to be the one who stays persistent while others slack off and you will have a full time income faster than you likely thought possible.  It is completely up to you.

Everyone has something that motivates them to act.  Hope, believe it or not is the greatest motivator but love can do it, fear can do it, too.   Revenge: you know that cocky person who always seems to have luck no matter what i.e. a couple of windfalls.   Even hate, (scary, however, maybe you have an annoying braggart neighbour you just want to shut up).  Just get moving.  Get something started … you know … a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.

$how Me The MONEY!

The worst thing that can happen if you accept the invitation to check out WA.is that you end up with 2 free websites that are yours forever and 25% commission on every person who takes out a premium membership because of your recommendation for life.  If you DO decide to become premium, you would get 50%.  There’s the catch.  Pretty awesome, eh?  You just can’t lose.

Two friends, Kyle and Carson, who met in university built this site over 10 years ago in British Columbia and even after all this time they are on the site talking to us pretty much each day.  Just wait until you read the simple yet generous commissions structure.

This Needs To Be Clarified

You are not paid as a downline.  This is not MLM.  Far from it.  Kyle and Carson have very strong opinions on how they feel about those.  When you see the lay off, it will maeksense.  Once there you can type out questions and several people will likely jump in to answer any question you have in a matter of seconds.  It is amazing to have this huge community help you built a site.  You never get stuck, at least not for long. and how they work

The testimonials blow me away as well as the comments and press releases.  You don’t have to look hard at all to find a lover of WA.

Payouts are quick, and, the contests, OOHH Vegas – I’ll let you read that for yourselves. I could spend days on here talking about the advantages.  Even after all these months I still come across features I didn’t realize were here; features that would be upsells on other sites.

Every WA member is on the site pretty much daily because it is so inspiring and fascinating.  So much going on.

This isn’t just for baby boomers who I usually address. It can be for:

  • college kids looking to pay off debt
  • people in debt that don’t want to take on a second job
  • stay at home moms or dads
  • the unemployed
  • the underemployed
  • people that hate their job
  • entrepreneurs
  • people with disabilities that can’t work
  • casual bloggers that want to learn to monetize their blog
  • local businesses that want market on the internet
  • hobbyists looking to make money from their hobbies
  • retirees
  • people looking for residual income
  • travelers
  • people who enjoy learning
  • people who enjoy social media
  • people who enjoy web design
  • anyone with a passion for something

Getting the idea?

Only you can determine your success.  Maybe you aren’t looking for more money.  Perhaps you have a passion and want to build a site to share and network with others who have the same passion.

Good Things Come Back Around

For me, getting moving with a website seemed to affect everything in my life in a positive way.  My son’s cancer went into remission and I just found out I am going to be a grandmother this fall.

Sometimes others are not supportive when we want to try something new.  Remember it could just be they are envious; that they didn’t come across the idea first.  Negativity is contagious so avoid it when possible.

What feels truly awesome is when the most negative of people see you are doing well and they want in.   Many times unfortunately, it is easier to convince strangers of something before we can convince our own family and friends.  You really won’t have much convincing to do with WA.  As stated, it sells itself.

Think of all of the things that interest you.  Yes; You can make an income living from your passion.  Have FUN working; in your PJ’s if you wish!   You will want to be with WA forever.  Take advantage of the 7 day free no credit card required invitation to kick the tires.  Just CLICK HERE and you will find me right there as ME: NARDA.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below.  See you on the sunny side.ketosis-information-questions