Is a High Fat Low Carb Diet Plan Crazy?

This high fat low carb diet known as the ketogenic diet has it’s haters, just like any other.  I have read articles where there are quotes either taken the Narda_facewrong way, or partial quotes so one doesn’t see the whole picture.  Everytime I read one I always challenge the author to do their due diligence and to date no one has come at me or my website with real proof of what they are saying.

I hear that the diet is not sustainable over time.  It certainly is and you can have carb-up time once you are set; sweet potato anyone?  You have to use your own intelligence as you go.  How long you remain on it is totally up to you.

No one has ever become seriously ill from doing the diet properly.  Listen to your body.

It has been referred to as a quick fix.  That is a pretty vague description.  It works both short term and long term.

We Need To Educate Ourselves Before Teaching Others

A big issue is that people unfortunately still quote portions of the American Diabetes Association’s literature.  Anyone who has kept up with new proven studies realizes that their diet recommendations are actually making people sicker.  Read everything; not just this website.

There is a clinical dietitian who’s name I have seen every time I see negative reviews on the ketogenic diet pop up that haters love to quote.  It is a spokesperson (scary) from a hospital in Ohio; I won’t embarrass them by saying more regarding their identity.  They claim this diet makes people lose muscle mass and enter starvation mode.  Wow.  There are growing numbers of body builders engaging in this diet.  Some have even developed their own websites.  Fat is such a cleaner fuel for your body than carbs are so you won’t starve either.  Counting carbs is rarely needed as fat is so satisfying.  This person categorizes sugars, starches and grains as nourishing foods.  What a grain brain!

I get frustrated when people pass on misinformation.  Does it frustrate you?

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