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stress-free-environmentBefore getting TOO DARN EXCITED about the prospects of working from home, make sure you think about all aspects of this first.

Many of you are envisioning getting up mid morning and making a nice cup of coffee or tea.  Breakfast is optional – your choice!Narda_face

In your visual you may have already made the money you needed to be in your dream home.  You are sauntering past that big bay window (looking over a lake of course) to your desk where you slide into a big comfy chair where your state of the art computer is patiently waiting for you to fire it up.

You have mastered your business and most of your worries are long behind you.

After a little light work to ensure all systems are running smoothly, you are called for a delicious but nourishing lunch.  You care about your health more than ever so you can enjoy what you have accomplished.

Okay, well, this is my envisionment – is this even a word?  You get the idea and I would love to know what you are picturing.

I have compiled this list of pros and cons and hope you will add to them via the comment section:

PROS of working from home:

1. No boss.

2. More flexibility as far as project completion.

3. No transportation costs.

4. No losing valuable time due to travelling.

5. You get paid what you are worth – if you work hard you get paid for it.  Unless there is a commission or bonus structure built in at your workplace, you get paid the same no matter how hard you work.

6. Job security.  You control this instead of someone else.

7. Freedom.

CONS of working from home:

1. Temptation to put off working and clean your house or go for a swim in your lovely new pool (or that lake).

2.  People, pets and things (TV for example) may distract you.  In a workplace you are dealing with like minded people within a work oriented environment so completion of tasks may be easier.

3.  Fellowship may be missed although this could go either way.  Sometimes just having one person who rubs you the wrong way can really ruin your day despite getting along great with everyone else.

4.  If you are not self motivated you will have a tough time completing tasks.  Being self-employed feels like 2 steps forward, one step back.

MY SUMMARY:  Your home business has to be fun and interesting to you.  It has to still be fun in 10 years from now so choose wisely.  Don’t waste your money until you think this through.  Help with this is just below.

DO NOT quit your day job until you are in a comfortable position to do so, although, some can take the plunge and have ‘what it takes’ to make money quickly.  For the rest of us, we should start small and work at something we are truly passionate about.

Almost no business can make it today without a website.  All of your competitors have one.  Some do 100% of their business online.

The only way we will push on to succeed is to Love what we do.

As I stated, please add on any pros or cons of your own.

For those of you who want to know EXACTLY where I got genuinely FREE help to figure out something I could do that was fun; . just click the link below.  You don’t want to pay and find out you don’t like something.  We do that enough in life.  Just see if it is for you and please let me know.   Click – I LOVE MY HOME BUSINESS


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