Fat Burning Mode Fast Track

Okay.  You are progressing beautifully. Pat yourself on the back for taking a major step towards great health and steady weight loss.  In just days youbottles-water will be telling anyone who will listen about the positive changes in your body … both inside and out.  In just a few weeks you will have attained enough expertise to want to help guide a friend through the ketosis journey.  In just a few months, well the sky is the limit.  If you feel the urge to cheat you may just need a glass of water.  9 out of 10 times this actually works.  Cravings at night are the worst so I make little fat bombs to sate myself.  Get rid of any food triggers in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.  The cravings subsided for me after 4 days.  If I get knocked out butter-good-fatof keto, I always know why and you will get to know what you can and can not have.  Any carbs you do have in a day should be spread out so there is less chance of a large blood sugar spike.

ENTERING KETOSIS FAST!  I am pretty frugal so I opted to purchase 50 urinalysis sticks over attempting a more expensive (although more accurate) blood analysis kit.  I found I could cut the strips down the center so each bottle lasted me twice as long.  Leave the first couple of sticks whole so you can see the pale pink develop.  This is an optional purchase.  If you do everything right you will be fine.  So start out as simply as possible.  You will be working out a little math here but do not micromanage the numbers (unless that is your passion).  Aim as high as possible in the fats department.  Try for 80% your first few days.  Just a couple of walks over the weekend will clean out the carbs.vegetables-broccoli-cauliflowerDid you know …  when you are well into ketosis you should have sense of well being?  You do not feel sluggish nor like running a marathon.  It balances out your energy andstress-free-environment mood nicely.  Very calming.

Note:  If you are vegetarian or vegan please let me know and we will work out easy menus for you!  I have some great ideas I want to share with you of my own.

maesurements-for-ketogenic-dietStart the process on your weekend.  Take your measurements and weigh yourself if you are entering ketosis for weight loss.  If you are off Saturday and Sunday, start winding down the carbs Friday night.  No bingeing on them.  Get that overwith Thursday.  I carbed up just so I could ensure this really works.  I know I have a slow metabolism so if it worked for me, it should work for most.

Here we go – Coconut oil is about the most perfect food for the ketogenic diet and has endless health benefits.  I will definitely be weigh-scale-poundselaborating on it so keep an eye out on the site for more information.  It is 100% fat and has a very high caloric value being 130 per tablespoon.  You can eat it straight.  If you could not find any simply use whatever acceptable oil you have to get your start.  The first couple of mornings you are not running off to work so make bacon and eggs, cooking the eggs in the fat and even adding more fat like butter for a nicer taste.  Go crazy.  Add cheese.  Add iodized salt.  Drink lots of water.  If you need coffee, add heavy cream.  Animal milk is not allowed. Stevia is the preferred sweetener.  Remember, the more sweeteners you use, the more your cravings for sweets will hang on.  Just saying … You can have that very breakfast every day but you will get tired of it and we have alternative menus to keep you on track and motivated.  This breakfast is the fattiest so you can get ketofied quickly.coconut-696541__180

eggs-fat-proteinWe will not get excited about preparing perfect recipes until you get into the swing of this.  Spinach is great to make a salad with for lunch.  Watch the type of dressing.  Use lots.  No croutons.  Add cheese, bacon or chicken.  No fruit until you are in ketosis. Have burgers using lettuce for buns.  No pickles just yet.  Add bacon and cheese.  Make it greasy.  Drink water.  Eat  keot friendly snacks.  Have a spoonful of peanut butter.  For supper Saturday have chicken and avoid the breast.  Keep your protein to 6 ounces or less per meal this weekend  Have steak fried in butter if you do not feel like chicken.  Add cauliflower mashed (tastes like potatoes) andcauliflower-fiber-protein-low-carb broccoli  with cheese, salt and butter.  You will need fiber.  Try and get some at every other meal at least.  Staying hydrated helps.  Drink bone broth or an oxo cube in water to keep your salts up.  That counts as water.  Add lemon to your water.  Sunday lunch have  fried wings without grains or sugar added and a Caesar salad.  Load it up with parmesan cheese, dressing and bacon.  No croutons.  Sunday supper have pork chops and the same sides as Saturday – keep it simple.  Gravy is fine as long there are no grains in the thickener.  a dash of xanthan gum or tapioca flour will work.  Powdered chicken or beef stock with water (see directions) is all you need other than a thickener to make decent gravy.  Are you getting the idea for food over the weekend?  If you can calculate the ratios using nutitional data on the internet or reading the labels on your groceries. i.e. figure out your meals and their size ahead of time. you know, the amount of fat, protein and net carbs per food item, you got it!  That is why I suggest having the same meal more than once to save a lot of calculating … unless you like doing it like I do!  I simply broccoliensure my meat (protein per meal) is no larger than my fist.  The calories from fat are as close to 80% as possible and the carbs for the day remain between 15 and 20g.  Do it with someone or work out the macros with someone.  If you get roughly 80% of your caloires from fat, 15% of them from protein and net carbs around 5%. That’s great.  Painstakingly keep track of all you eat the first two weeks in a diary.  That way we can troubleshoot exactly why and how your level of success was reached.garlicbeemster-gouda

Note: If you really find this confusing, just keep your carbs under 20g and your meat portions no more than 6 ounces.  Protein in large quantities all at once spikes blood sugar. If you work out, you could up your carbs but they are unhealthy in most forms so why bother?  Also, when you are in you are in ketosis, every moment you work out you burn fat.  If you are not, roughly the first 25 minutes of say a brisk walk are used just to burn the carbs off.  If you walk 30 minutes you only get 5 minutes of actual fat burning.  That bites.  Pack in that fat.  Just work on that in the beginnig to get you in keto.  It is fine to just work at one thing at a time.  Relax.  Chill.  Enjoy.  Read your stick on Monday morning first thing. Let me know when you start so I can try to be available to answer your questions.  My laptop goes everywhere with me.  You will not be bothering me or I would not offer.  Best of luck!

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