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You have heard the terms, “You get what you pay for”or “Buyer Beware” and who takes the time to read a disclaimer?  The font size is about .2!  All of a sudden a product or adult-educationservice that no one has ever heard of pops up claiming they have sold a million of their goods.  There may be some rock star or sports celebrity name dropping done to impress us.  It is amazing how much that works.  Therefore, one must conclude that either this really is the next wonder product that is too good to be true or it is a scam.  Too often it is the latter.  That hurts the honest guys making a living trying to help others, although, if they are honest, and most people are, they will have no problem having you check them out.  They should want you to.  If you want me to give you tips on how to figure out the low down on a company, I am all over that … love to help.

I detest businesses that over promise and under deliver on their product or service.  You should feel deep down in your gut that your experience was just the opposite.  A business should be there to help you out first and you should sense that they are genuinely happy to do so.  Too many people try to make a huge profit on just a few sales. Attempting to get rich overnight will bury them. Customers are educated and much tougher to dupe now than ever.   A company should work to build a trusting relationship before asking for a sale.  Slow, steady and honest wins the race!  Of course there are situations where you need a product right away.  In that case, speed of service is key.  Always note the follow up treatment you receive no matter what the circumstances of the sale were.

Product Reviews

business-ideaProducts and services related to the ketogenic diet are evolving all the time.  Watch for reviews on existing and newly developing ones here.  If you have a relevant product or service you would like to see reviewed just send an email.  After visiting this site, please send an email and let me know about either a good or bad experience you have had in the past with a product or service.  Your feedback is appreciated.  Email ‘Narda’ at or leave a comment.Narda_face

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Perfect Products for your Low Carbohydrate Journey

Below are some excellent resources to inspire and help you with cooking in the low carb style as well as health products that measure your individual progress.  If you have any questions about the following or would like a full review on one of them or another product, just ask!

Do you have a product or service you want to promote but don’t know how to start?  Have you dreamed of working online?  Just click here and find everything you need.  This could actually change your life….

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