Stop the weight gain during Perimenopause

Many women, typically in their forties begin to experience a rude awakening.  They begin to experience a weight gain during perimenopause, a state we enter just before full blown menopause hits us at roughly 51 years old.  Perimenopause can stretch out for years and it is never too early or too late to work on keeping your weight in tact or even losing some.  The ketogenic diet, like any worthwhile venture, takes some mastering, however the results are so worth the effort.

sleepingWow…I can sleep again!

You will need to enter a state of mild ketosis in order which not only turn your body in to a fat burning machine 24/7 but you shall realize other wonderful benefits as you go along such as better sleep and concentration.  You may experience other wonderful benefits and will be bursting to tell others of your weight loss journey.

I feel fantastic!

When you have your hormones in harmony, it is much easier to lose weight.  The less stress you have when you enter full blown menopause, the better it is for your health in general.  Be sure to head over to the Fat Burning Mode Fast Track page to get on your way to feeling great and looking fit.

There are some wonderful products that you can check out to make your journey optimal.  Please enjoy the reading material and interact with comments, questions or your own expertise!  To check out these awesome products just click on the low carb aids journey store link at the top of the page.

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  1. Wow I think I’m just unlucky then cos I got my rude awakening once I passed 25 and put on 10 pounds like right after midnight it seems 😉 And then 10 more after working an office 9-5 job, with every year I seem to get further and further from my so cherished and missed college days weight. I need to read into this ketosis, it rings a bell I think I might have tried it years ago, but from what you’re saying here it’s definitely worth a try! I could benefit from some better sleep for sure too :) Great site!

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